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Green Fleet

Altec Green Fleet: Sustainable Solutions

Altec offers “Environmentally Responsible Engineered Solutions” through Altec Green Fleet—a collection of products that encompass the industry’s most advanced technologies to help customers operate more efficiently and reduce impact on the environment.


JEMS® Hybrid-Electric Technology

Altec JEMS® (Jobsite Energy Management System) is an integrated plug-in system that uses stored electrical energy to power the aerial device, tools and exportable power, and provides cab comfort. The energy storage system is recharged by plugging into shore power or by the truck’s internal combustion engine.



This innovative, patented technology:


  • Eliminates idle time at the job site
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Lessens noise pollution
  • Decreases carbon footprint and tailpipe emissions
  • Minimizes impact on payload
  • Offers reliable performance with automatic stationary recharge
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Complies with anti-idle legislation